10 Reasons to Rent a Limo from Presidential Limousines

There is so much to do around St. Louis. Concerts, Sporting Events and Fairs, not to mention Weddings, Proms and Fun nights out. The list goes on.

Many of these activities are only done a few times a year, so we thought we’d provide you a list of 10 reason to rent your next limo from Presidential Limousines:

1. Your group or wedding party can ride together. More time to socialize together = more fun.

2. Everyone (over 21) can enjoy drinks without needing a designated driver.

3. We have a CAMARO LIMO!!! (only 3 in the WORLD)

4. V.I.P. Status. Everyone will stop and stare when you exit the limo.

5. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.

6. With a limo or party bus, the party continues after the event is over!

7. Everyone thinks of a limo for a wedding or prom, but why not rent a limo for other special occasions? Birthdays, date night, concerts, sporting events…. the list of possibilities goes on and on.

8. A limo or party bus is the only way you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage on the road.

9. A party bus is a party on wheels.

10. Who doesn’t like to ride in a limo?!

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Wedding Show Season is HERE!

Love is in the area around the holidays, which means the new year is the perfect time for Wedding Shows! We have already participated in a number of shows this year and have many more on our calendar. We have met some amazing couples and vendors and look forward to meeting many more in the months to come.

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Special Moments Require Special Cars

35 excuses to indulge in your next limousine

The age when limos were reserved for the rich and famous has long been over. These days, limos offer affordable means of transportation for anyone desiring comfort, peace of mind, and a grand entrance

Generally, we assume those who rent limos only do so for really special occasions, such as weddings. And this is true; people often rent limos for weddings either for the bride and groom to have an intimate moment together as husband and wife, or for the wedding party to come together and socialize. In these situations, it is normal to arrive in a luxury vehicle that stands out amongst the rest.

camaro limousine st louis

But it just so happens there are other reasons to make such an impression. When you see a limousine on the road, what does it say about the people inside? It says, “Hey! The people inside here are special, and very important!” Right?

What day isn’t a good day to be treated that way?

There are many reasons and benefits to enjoying a limousine. Getting a limousine allows you to focus on having fun with friends or family, and leave the stress of driving to a professional. It allows everyone to relax and just enjoy the ride, whatever the reason may be. Any time you want to remove the hassle of transporting groups of any size, or treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of luxury is a good time to rent a limo.

Maybe it’s Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, and you want to treat your hard-working parent to something they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to. Maybe you want to show up to your class reunion looking more sophisticated than in your high school days. Perhaps you want an excuse to dress up? A limousine is perfect for a Casino Night, a theater or concert date, an unexpected romantic dinner and show, or to make your senior feel special as he or she is shuffled from location to location for Senior Portraits. Why not surprise your child with a Sweet 16 or Quinceanera and take their friends around the city in a stretch Camaro Limo!? Or astonish your sweetheart with a private moonlight excursion on Valentines Day, an anniversary, before or after an engagement, or well… just because you love them. They will feel overwhelmed and impressed at the presentation of such a thoughtful gift.

Homecoming, Prom, and other formal dances are always great reasons to get a limo. Imagine showing up to your dance with the perfect dress, the perfect date, and a perfect limo for you and all your friends to pile out of. Try not to make others too jealous when they see your photos looking glamorous next to a Hummer H2 Limo!

hummer limo st. louis

Limousines are also a unique way to celebrate more common events such as bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, christenings, and graduations. The luxury and classiness of a limousine creates an atmosphere of thrill, one that amplifies the excitement of the occasion, and makes it more unforgettable. This atmosphere is also excellent when celebrating promotions at work, rewarding your employees for exceeding sales goals, or impressing business clients.

Additionally, limousines take away the hassle of finding parking and a designated driver, so everyone can enjoy drinks even while in route. Don’t forget about larger limousine options such as party buses where you and up to 38 of your closest friends can take the party with you before, during, and after any event. Party Buses are perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, bar hopping, and birthdays. Your group will show up to any club, bar, or social event looking and feeling like a group of hot VIP’s.

inside limo st louis

With a limo, you can relax, and leave the driving to the chauffer. Imagine not having to hassle with that map app on your phone or GPS. Instead sit back, enjoy some champagne with your significant other, and sightsee from a comfortable leather seat. You can even arrange for a pick up or drop off at the airport. The best part? You don’t have to worry about directions. And next time you are touring a new city with your family or at a family reunion, opt to let a chauffeur take you around. That is one car-trip you won’t be hearing, “are we there yet?”

And let’s not forget the most important benefit of riding in a limo: You get to ride in a limo!

So why not?

… Just because.

… Just because you are special and today happens once.

… Just because your loved one is special.

… Just because for one day you would like to be the center of attention, to be pampered and catered to, and feel like royalty.

Every day carries the opportunity for special moments and special moments require special cars.

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