Whether you’re out for a birthday, celebrating a college graduation, partying the night away for a bachelor/bachelorette party or just enjoying a night out with friends, the perfect mode of transportation for your night out of bar hopping fun is a party bus!

A limousine takes the hassle out of determining a designated driver or where to find parking, leaving you to hop between bars, clubs, social events, or all three ALL NIGHT LONG. Have the peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands with a professional, sober driver, and enjoy the convenience of a problem-free party.

If a bar or club isn’t poppin’, don’t fret. Just call up your driver, and he/she will pick you up curbside, ready to take you to the next bar or club. And when you’re not inside the club, your party bus functions as a club on wheels. Choose from any one of our luxury fleet. Our party buses fit between 18 and 32 passengers, equipped with a premier sound system, cup holders for drinks, and plenty of room for dancing when the bus is stopped. There are also auxiliary hook-ups on every bus, so bring your I-pod or MP3 player and you can be DJ for the night. Every passenger must be 21 or over in order to bring drinks on board the bus.

Being able to enjoy drinks even while en route makes bar hopping via party bus an excellent option for any kind of celebration including reunions and holiday parties. Come together with your friends, keep dancing long after the nightclubs shut their doors, and party like a true rock star.

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