There are only three Camaro Limousines in the whole of the United States, and we have the FIRST. This beautiful car starts off with pristine snow-white paint highlighted with a “mohawk” black cloth top. The exterior glass is seamless with LED opera lights recessed into the windows.

The interior of the Camaro Limousine is carbon fiber black material, with carbon fiber gray inserts. Of course, it comes equipped with a blow out sound system and a sleek light display.  How does it get better? To top it all off, the Camaro Limousine comes equipped with a gull wing door. Hello James Bond-level luxury.

There is no experience quite like arriving in the Camaro Limousine. While transporting it into STL, people constantly stopped us, flagged the car down, took pictures, and asked to look at the interior. It’s truly one-of-a-kind, and an attention-getter to say the least. There is only one so reserve the Camaro Limousine today to assure your party/occasion is a standout as well.

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